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April 02, 2005

The RyanKenny clothing line

medium_usher_in_ryan_kenny2.4.jpg Common's manager Derek Dudley has linked up with a couple of other cats named Ryan Glover and Kenny Burns to launch a new clothing line called RyanKenny. The line is described as "the first black owned, strictly luxury hiphop clothing lines to find success [by] sticking within the hiphop music community." This is grown man hip hop ish so if you're still trying to rock jerseys and Tims, this is probably not for you.

Click here for the official RyanKenny website.

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I was wondering if you have a catalog and if so how would I go upon receiving one of them.

Posted by: Ramona Rones | July 28, 2005

Nah, but I do know one of the principles in the company so I'll chk in with him and see what's up. If they have them, they might just be for wholesale buyers though - are you in the industry?

Posted by: ian | July 28, 2005

please send me a catalog if available now 8714 s. saginaw street chicago,illinois 60617

Posted by: JOHNNY | March 19, 2006

Hey where can i go to buy the clothing line or clothing and hats or soji s like common in chicago or online can you give me stores or info

Posted by: johnny | March 19, 2006

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