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November 25, 2011

[Event] Superrich pop-up shop. Great vintage and sweet things.


In Toronto TOMORROW (Saturday November 26) from 12 to 6PM:


"Come join us for an afternoon of sartorial and confectionery delights.

Nouveau Riche vintage will be joined by Curiosities artisanal baked goods.

One day only! Two pop-ups in set in Toronto's most stylish shoe store, Chasse Gardée.

Nouveau Riche Vintage will present a selection of vintage garments chosen for comfort, luxury and also uniqueness. Offerings for this event include cozy coats and scarves, silk shirts, warm sweaters and pretty dresses. Nouveau Riche vintage is a new project by Andréa Lalonde, one of the organizers of this summers Gold Dust vintage pop-up.

Curiosities is Patti Robinson and Preety Mudhar, two bakers who have gained valuable experience throughout Toronto's food scene. With their combined baking experience and their desire to create interesting and interactive food, they return to Chasse Gardée with a selection of thoughtful edibles."

November 26th Menu:

Maple Bacon Donuts,
Jams and Jellies,
Assorted pate de fruit, and more.
See More


CLICK HERE for the Facebook page to learn more



September 18, 2011

Two Episodes from Dean Cavanagh's 'Svengali' Web Series

Great web show spoofing the London music industry scene and chock-full of inside jokes & references for mods, Anglophiles and fans of 90's-era Britpop/indie music in general. Episode 8 features star of the UK version of The Office and mod culture appreciator, Martin Freeman. 


Episode 7 - "Secret Affair":


Episode 8 - "Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances":


CLICK HERE to watch all the episodes in order which I highly recommend you do as this is web TV done right: sharply-written, well-acted, well-directed and most of all, funny!


Apologies for the long gap in between posts though. The plan was to relaunch as a wordpress site with a dedicated new URL but life intervened and put that plan on hold. Now it's looking more like 2012 for the big move so until then, I'll try and update over here with any bits and pieces that catch my eye.

January 31, 2011

Artwork: Of The Heart by Voodo Fe




Perfect for Valentine's Day!


BUY Of The Heart by Voodo Fe HERE


[via Voodo Fe]

Throwback video: Look at Life: IN Gear (1967 Documentary)


This U.K. newsreel from the Look at Life DVD series is modtastic!:


"It's the swinging London fashion scene on parade and features an eye-candy array of dazzling & colorful mod fashions! Suits, shirts, pants, shoes, boots, jackets, dresses, belts, bags, hats, caps, ties, skirts, blouses, scarves, dickies, and more! Mary Quant shows off her latest collection! The viewer is taken to King's Road, SOHO, and Carnaby Street. Some of the shops visited are: "Granny Takes a Trip," "Hung on You," "The Antiques Supermarket," "I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet," and "Gear." The narrator tells us that, "A year or two ago fashion originated in the haute couture's of Paris, then spread downward through society in ever cheapening copies; now these shops which would have interpreted the mold, originate today's fashion, owing nothing to Paris or anyone else." Next, it's off to the discotheque club scene where the "in" gear is worn. Clubs include: "Tiles," "Bag of Nails" (The Beatles used to hang out here), "Samantha's," "Georges" and "the Saddle Room.""


[via Paul K.]

Throwback Video: Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July (1980 Documentary)


"This rare documentary about the 1980/1981 USA tour by Stevie Wonder was broadcast for the first time in 1981 by the BBCIt looks at his musical insight and his preparation for a concert, and his appearance at a Washington Rally to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King."


[via Sunny Day Ent.]

Throwback Video: Marvin Gaye interviewed on 'Soul Train'



January 22, 2011

New Condo in Toronto: The Mercer




New condo developments in Toronto are a (lot of) dimes-a-dozen, believe me, but I had to acknowledge this one in particular. First, for the stylish print ads and website that do an homage to The Beatles' iconic Abbey Road album cover and second, for the riff on Marvin Gaye's classic and prescient pro-environmental soul anthem, "Mercy Mercy Me  (The Ecology)" remade and renamed "Mercer Mercer Me" in tribute to the property they're shilling. I'm just not sure if I'm impressed by their impeccable good taste or embarrassed by the sheer chutzpah, gimmickry and cheesiness of it though? Check it out on the official Mercer Condo website and tell me what you think though.

January 03, 2011

A Bathing Ape's 2011 Spring Mod Parka




Since this blog was originally inspired by my Mod high school past, it's only right that I acknowledge the recent resurgent trend in mod-style fishtail parkas. It's been going for the past couple years but especially in the last year or so I've been seeing them everywhere including Urban Outfitters and even The Gap!


I'm now of the school of thinking that there's nothing more un-mod and tacky than a parka but that being said, I have to concede that some of the new designs I've seen (and admittedly even tried on) have definitely refined and improved on this iconic youth culture fashion piece. BAPE's take above is no exception. Y'all dig?


[via Hypebeast

January 02, 2011

Fly Architecture: the 'Marilyn Monroe' Building in Mississauga, Ontario Canada


Officially known as the The Absolute World Condominiums, developers Fernbrook would probably be better off just going with the 'Marilyn Monroe Building' nickname they were given by a local Toronto journalist during the design contest where they were first revealed.


Check out an interview with Ma Yansong (马岩松), the Chinese architect who designed this building:  



CLICK HERE for more info.

Fly Architecture: the 12 Degrees Building in Toronto

12 degrees building.JPG


This apartment building located on Queen Street West in downtown Toronto is some really fly sh-t. Watch the video below for the inspiration behind its super-cool design which was done by architects, Tarek Sobhi and Tyler Hershberg of BSÄR Group/Prince Bay:



CLICK HERE for the official building website.

The Toronto Star Looks at Bespoke Tailor Marlon Durrant



At Marlon Durant, the fit of a custom made shirt is worth the price.


The idea of a skilled tailor wrapping his measuring tape around you and cutting fabric designed to drape over your individual form has long been seen as a fiscally indefensible luxury, a rarefied fashion realm occupied by Bay St. financiers, trust fund idiots with Hummers and country club stiffs.

Except, not so much anymore. And it’s not just a little better. It’s way, way better.

Not far from the retail soullessness of the Eaton Centre’s male clothing shops, you saunter into the funky red brick Church St. studio belonging to Marlon Durrant, a Toronto bespoke tailor.

Among the swaths of fabrics from across the globe, the jazz tunes floating through the room, the big screen TV, the wet bar and the racks of custom-made suits and shirts, he’ll size you up, get a feel for your groove and pull out the measuring tape.

He takes nearly 20 measurements from the predictable to the far less intuitive.

For example, he’ll make the width of your left sleeve a bit wider than your right in order to compensate for your watch. And he’ll figure out that your right shoulder actually sits lower than your left — a fact that can be addressed with a bit of fabric nipping and tucking.

As you sip on whiskey, you’ll then discuss collars, surveying a half dozen options designed to flatter depending on the length of your neck or shape of your face (the rounder your face, the thinner your collar should be and vice versa).

These will all be considerations you’ve likely never pondered before as you stood flipping through the racks at Sears.


CLICK HERE to read the full article.



At this size, luxury is a necessity. [Toronto Star]


CLICK HERE for Marlon Durrant's website

Fresh Kid on the F-ck Yeah Menswear Blog



Swagger on a hundred thousand trillion? F-ck yeah!!!


Nature vs. nurture?

It’s tough to say.

When you’re DNA is this fucking crispy.

And as a young’n you kicked it in Pari.

Your kid probably geeks out over trivial shit.

Like butterflies.

Or clouds.

Or glitter.

My kid gets wide eyed.

When we discuss the merits of white jeans in winter.



CLICK HERE for the full post.

January 01, 2011

Happy New Year from The In Crowd

happy-new-year 2011.png

I know things have been a little scarce around these parts in terms of new posts recently but the hope is to do a re-boot of the site with its own domain some time this year. Stay tuned and, in the meantime, all the best for 2011. New posts tomorrow (maybe....)

November 07, 2010

The Underbelly Project: An Exhibition Illegally Mounted In An Abandoned NYC Subway Station?



"A vast new exhibition space opened in New York City this summer, with a show, The Underbelly Project, 18 months in the making. On view are works by 103 street artists from around the world, mostly big murals painted directly onto the gallery’s walls.


It is one of the largest shows of such pieces ever mounted in one place, and many of the contributors are significant figures in both the street-art world and the commercial trade that now revolves around it. Its debut might have been expected to draw critics, art dealers and auction-house representatives, not to mention hordes of young fans. But none of them were invited."

CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article


[via Grandgood]

The Revivalist: Okayplayer's New Jazz-Based Community Site


Speaking of The Roots, this looks really intriguing...


"The Revivalist, a newly launched channel on okayplayer.com, is the result of a partnership between Revive Music Group and the good folks over at okayplayer. And though it shares a name with a handful of biblical publications, this incarnation of the Revivalist is actually all about jazz. It joins a network that includes the Afro- and Caribbean-themed blogs Okayafrica and Large Up, respectively.

A self-described “online journal for the burgeoning jazz community,” the Revivalist aims to incorporate jazz history and contemporary jazz culture and music. The site features interviews with the likes of Quadron and Ben Williams, as well as reviews of studio albums and live shows. The Revivalist bills itself as a destination for the “cultural resurgence of live music” and “foretelling the stories of jazz and how it has influenced today’s popular music.” There’s no doubt, then, that it’s exactly the place to check out for the latest in jazz music and culture.

Plus, as an added incentive, the Revivalist is hosting a free download of Freedom Suite, a project that brings together Nnenna Freelon and The Beast, with guest appearances by Phonte, ?uestlove and more."



[via The Couch Sessions]

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